Success Starter Pack

Success Starter Pack

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Whether you are getting back into riding or wanting to move up a level in training or competition, our Success Starter Pack is the perfect starting point for future success!

Combining two of our most popular products, the Success Starter pack gives your horse a boost of nutrition for muscles and mind. 

Mag-E is our popular calming supplement to help focus and concentration when training and competing regularly.  Perfect for the naturally anxious or nervous horse, but also great to use for any horse stressed by an increase in training difficulty or attending an event. 

Muscle XL is our highly effective top-line builder, helping build up muscles to support a higher workload and more difficult training.  A course of Muscle XL is recommended to get your horse back on track after a spell or before competition to ensure that your horse looks great and is ready to perform at their best. 

This pack is offered during our “Celebrating the OTTB” initiative as these two products are helpful for any OTTB feeling a little underprepared when starting their new life after racing.  However, any horse will benefit from a course of these supplements whilst preparing for a competition or increase in training level.   

The combination of product sizes in this starter pack will give you sufficient time to see a difference in your horse, so that you can invest in larger pack sizes to continue their journey if you are riding or competing regularly.