Laminitis Prone Pack

Laminitis Prone Pack

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Over 2 months supply to get that fatty crest reduced and the hooves in tip-top shape for Spring (standard maintenance rate for one horse)

If your horse is at risk of developing laminitis in Spring and Summer, this combo pack is a great choice with a generous discount for over 2 month’s supply for a horse or pony (at standard maintenance rate)!

TRIM helps manage horses and ponies that are overweight or prone to weight gain with specific nutrients that are linked to metabolism and to support the action of insulin in sugar processing as well as optimize fat burning from the diet.  The use of TRIM along with a suitable low GI diet, will help to strip off a cresty neck and abnormal fatty deposits from a horse or pony that is at risk of laminitis. 

Reboot HOOF+ is a hoof health supplement that has been field trialed in laminitic horses with excellent results in quickly growing stronger hooves in horses and ponies which have previously had laminitis or are recovering from a laminitic episode.  Reboot HOOF+ is a great choice to optimise the re-bonding of the hoof after laminitic changes have caused weakness or poor hoof health.

Reboot HOOF+ does not add sugar or energy to the diet, so that it is safe to feed to horses which have a tendency to weight gain. Many other hoof supplement contain fillers that may restrict their use in laminitis prone horses.