Happy Gut, Happy Horse

Happy Gut, Happy Horse

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Help your horse become a healthier and happier version of themselves with Kohnke’s Own Happy Gut, Happy Horse pack.

The Kohnke’s Own Nutritional Advisors are seeing more and more horses with gut problems, with symptoms of irritability, nappiness, girthiness or resistance, poor feed conversion, picky eating, failure to maintain weight and feed sensitivities that cause sloppy, acidic or loose manure.  Although these gut problems are especially significant in OTTBs starting out their new career after a ‘let down’, many other types of horses experience these issues at different times in their life. 

Horse owners often ask us which is the best product for their horse, but the symptoms and the cause of gut issues can be hard to pinpoint, which is why an initial course of both FABBY and Gastro-Coat can help kickstart a healthier gut system for a happier horse (and rider!). 

Gastro-Coat is a popular product for stomach health, particularly when gastric acid issues are causing concern.  Gastric acid burn is painful to horses and Gastro-Coat has 3 major actions in the stomach and small intestine linked to reducing gastric irritation.  Gastro-Coat is a natural supplement that is also complimentary to omeprazole medications if a horse has gastric ulcers. 

FABBY is our fabulous probiotic and prebiotic supplement that has many different active ingredients beneficial for the entire equine digestive system.  These include multiple strains of live yeast and microbial probiotics, premium prebiotics linked to improving hindgut health and function, mycotoxin binders and hindgut activating fibres.  FABBY also has other nutrients that are helpful to maintain a healthy stomach and small intestine once a course of Gastro-Coat has been completed. 

The benefits of combining Gastro-Coat and FABBY will be apparent when using this special pack, with a month’s worth of both FABBY and Gastro-Coat to supplement your horse.  FABBY is an economical daily supplement for long term use for better digestive processes.  Most horses will respond well to a course of Gastro-Coat, but some which may be predisposed to gastric sensitivity or gastric ulcers, including OTTBs, may benefit from long term supplementation when training and travelling regularly.