Competition Travelling Pack

Competition Travelling Pack

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A great choice when you and your horse are enjoying the warmer spring weather and going out to train or compete more frequently.  If you use Mag-E already, add in Gastro-Coat to improve the health, comfort and happiness of your horse when travelling and at the event!

Mag-E, a popular Kohnke’s Own supplement, is trusted by thousands of horse owners to help their horse cope with nervousness in training and regular competition.  Shows and competitions are a busy environment that can cause extra stress, anxiety or unfocused, reactive behaviour. Providing a supplement of Mag-E, at the loading dose for 3-4 days before competition, and then 2-3 doses on the day of the competition (preferably 3 hours before the first event), can really help maintain focussed, relaxed performance. 

Travelling is a stressful process for horses and many will be affected by stomach irritation and nervousness or anxiety when transported to an event, even if they are a seasoned traveller.  This may cause a reduced appetite, picky eating and refusal of hard feed.  Horse owners commonly mention that their horse suddenly feels flat, resistant to the leg when ridden or recovers poorly from each day’s events, affecting performance during the competition. 

Gastro-Coat can help your horse arrive happier and more willing to eat at the event.  Provide Gastro-Coat pre-travel, in a small feed of lucerne chaff approximately 30 minutes before loading the horse onto the float or truck.  If you are travelling a long distance, a small feed of Gastro-Coat, or a paste made with oil, is recommended to be provided each 4-5 hours during the trip.  If the horse is very sensitive to gastric irritation, or may suffer from Gastric Ulcers, then another dose each day during the event will also help maintain stomach health when competing in a busy and stressful environment.